Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ILN-terviews: Antonello Corrado, Corrado Ferrari Mainieri Pedeferri e soci Law Firm

Welcome to ILN-terviews, a series of profiles of ILN member firm attorneys, designed to give a unique insight into the lawyers who make up our Network.

For our latest interview, we chose ILN member, Antonello Corrado of Corrado Ferrari Mainieri Pedeferri e soci Law Firm in Italy.

In one sentence, how would you describe your practice?
Thirty years of practice and few boring days.

Who would be your typical client?
Medium and large corporations, 50% Italian and 50% international.

What would you like clients and potential clients to know about you?
That with me, they will always find a dedicated team of lawyers and staff sharing friendship and mutual understanding, and having a pleasure working together.

What has been your most challenging case? Why?
Many years ago, my first assistance as the client partner for a US multinational company in the acquisition of an Italian company.  It makes a lot of difference to be the first or second pilot, especially if you want to have a safe flight, a soft landing, and be retained as the Italian pilot for the client in the future. 

What has been your proudest moment as a lawyer?
When we incorporated our new law firm in 2005, in partnership with colleagues with whom we had been sharing 10-15 years of practice in other law firms.

What do you do when you're not practicing law?
Often sailing and rowing, for fun and for competitions.

What would surprise people most about you?
My teaching activity for the education of lawyers and judges, in under-developed and developing countries. In 1992, I was one of the first Italian instructors in Albania after the fall of the communist regime in 1990.

What has been your most memorable ILN experience?
The contribution given by our firm to the European Meeting in Rome in 2008.

What career would you have chosen if you weren't a lawyer?

If a movie were made out of your life, who would you want to play you?
Marcello Mastroianni

How would you like to be remembered?
For my capability to contribute to the growth of the team spirit of lawyers and staff that form a law firm.

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