Friday, February 5, 2010

ILN Scam Alert

Recently, the ILN was alerted that fraudulent lottery winnings letters and checks are being sent to individuals in the United States. Someone is using stationery with what appears to be the ILN letterhead to advise them that the ILN held a drawing in November for over $200,000, which they have won. The letter also includes a check that they are to deposit and information on who to call to verify the claim.

These letters have NOT been sent or authorized by the International Lawyers Network or its members and represent a fraudulent attempt to elicit funds from individuals. A message has been posted on our website warning anyone receiving a similar letter not to deposit the checks, provide any information, send any funds, or respond to the letters falsely claiming to have been sent by the International Lawyers Network. Further, individuals should not follow any instructions contained in these letters to "confirm" their winnings. This "Advance Fee" scheme is similar to email scams often referred to as "phishing" that seek personal data and financial account information that enables another party to access an individual's bank accounts or to engage in identity theft.

The ILN is working with the United States Post Office Fraud Division to investigate this matter and disrupt these scams. If anyone receives any letters such as the aforementioned, or experiences similar attempts by someoen portraying themselves as the International Lawyers Network, they are requested to notify the United States Post Office Fraud Division and/or their state or local police.

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